It’s very important and advantageous for any website to be build with all the features that customers or visitors will like to visit and use often, it’s however not enough to generate traffic to the site. This is not amazing. Just as a well built car cannot move or convey someone from one place to the other without fuel, and like a football team that plays beautifully on the field cannot be said to be the winning team without a winning goal, so also a website built with all the attracting features cannot count without real traffic to the site. It’s then mandatory for any website built on the internet, hosted on any server to need traffic.

According to Wikipedia, website traffic is the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a website. It is a large portion of the internet traffic and is determined by the number of visitors and the number of pages they visit. Website traffic is also defined as The number of times a website is viewed by a unique visitor within a stipulated time according to Calgary-ecommerce-services. These all shows that traffic to any website is determine by the number of visitors to the site and the number of pages they visit. The more visitors to the site, the more traffic the site get and the more pages they visit at any period of time. And so the more popular your site becomes.

But how do website get traffic without been advertised? It’s definitely impossible. To get traffic, the site must be advertised in one way or the other. People or visitors must know about your site to get a better traffic. There are so many ways to advertise your website to get traffic for example, submitting to search engine, buying PTC advertising etc, but there are the possibilities that they may not work. There is competition for key words in submitting to search engine. They better the key words, the higher the bidding price. Not only that, your site has to be on the first page to get better visitors. This is because, visitors tends to only visits websites on the first page of any search engine than all the other following pages. So if your website is not listed on the first page, you probably will not get better number of visitors to the website.

However, whether you submit your website to many search engine or not in seeking for website traffic, you may need 126hits.com. This advertiser helps you promote your internet presence. 126hits.com has over 85,000.00 + and increasing daily real member and so the ability to send thousands of exclusively real visitors checked on the basis of their IP address to your website daily. With this advertiser, you have two ways to promote your internet presence and generate traffic to your website. You can visit other people’s website for 20 seconds and earn promo-credit to advertise your own website. Simple! No cost for this. For each 10 website you visit, you got 7 promo-credit for yours, that’s 7 real visitors to your website.

Another way of advertising your website with 126hits.com is the buying of promo-credit. Unlike so may other advertisers who claim to offer same service on the internet but really don’t count, 126hits.com provide you all the traffic purchased for your website. All your purchases come with 100% money back guarantee, so your site really gets the traffic it desire. If you do not received all the traffic you paid for, 126hits.com will fully refund for the undelivered visitors.

126hits.com has a three-month global Alexia traffic rank of 82,892. Its alexia rank in US alone is 65,307. only about 6% of the total traffic to 126hits.com is referred by search engine, yet it has so many visitors per day and increasing continually. 126hits.com based in Germany and has been on the internet since 2002. It has good range of visitors in terms of age distribution. Its service is to provide traffic for its customers. You will really enjoy using 126hits.com as it provide visitors your website most desire.

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